Three Gambia Methodist Academy Students Win #EndFGM Arts Competition

As part of our #EndFGM project with AmplifyChange, we have successfully completed an art competition, targeting school children in the Greater Banjul Area. After a day’s training on key messages to end FGM, the students used their artistic talents to depict their thoughts on FGM and the role they can play to end the practice.

Winners with Principal and Staff of GMA and TYW

The winners John Martin Monday, Sheriff Newlands, and Fatou Kalleh were awarded prizes in the form of school materials, as well as certificates of recognition. Their designs have been featured on billboards across the country, sharing messages to influence an end to the practice of FGM.

John Martin Monday, 1st Prize winner


Sheriff Newlands, 2nd Prize winner


Fatou Kalleh, 3rd Prize winner

Young people have a unique opportunity to end Female Genital Mutilation in a generation. This is why at Think Young Women, we focus on awareness-raising, capacity building and meaningful engagement with youth across the country.

We thank the Principal, Staff, and Students of Gambia Methodist Academy for their engagement with us.

#TYWArtvocacy: The Journey Continues

The last two days have been incredible! We are completely floored by the positive reception to our growing #TYWArtvocacy journey, working with Gambian artists as positive agents of change.

Together, we looked at the harmful effects of #FGM and #ChildMarriage, the sociocultural context, as well as the different ways in which we can engage with practicing communities to influence voluntary abandonment of these practices. The artists were also exposed to our ‘Do No Harm’ guidelines to ensure all messages are crafted with enough consideration to our cultural sensitivities and do not harm the targeted recipients.

The most beautiful experience has been seeing all the artists take ownership of this initiative, with strong commitments to use their voices and talents to sensitize communities and push for an end to these practices. They have already started crafting their songs, and we can’t wait to share the magic they create.

Thanks to Barhama Cham, Bai Babu, Awa Femcee Bling, A2 Di Fulani King, Sophia Byass, T Smallz Katato, Mariama Cham, Cess Ngom, Bobo Diimo and Fatima Gomez for the commitment and for sharing your incredible talent with us. Respect to Ya Sally Njie (Sista) and her BrandPlus for the excellent coordination. Many thanks to Mr Mass Laye and our sisters from The Girls’ Agenda for their contributions, too.

Our gratitude to our donors UNICEF Gambia, for bringing this concept to reality. We look forward to giving new wings to even more innovative ideas.

Today, they also joined the #Youth4Peace campaign as part of International Youth Day commemorations. Here are a few photos. Stay connected to the page for more updates on this journey.