Call for Consultant to Develop the Manual for the TYW Girls’ Mentorship Program

Program Description

The Girls’ Mentorship Program is an initiative of Think Young Women targeting girls and young women in The Gambia.  The mentorship program will be a 3 months programme where 60 girls from 3 Junior Secondary Schools (20 girls from each school) within Greater Banjul Area. The  girls will receive training and participate in workshops on the importance of personal hygiene and building strong interpersonal skills. The girls will also be equipped with life-skills and basic human rights knowledge, especially knowledge on Gender-Based Violence with a specific focus on harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriages, as well as on key life skills such as decision making, career counseling, emotional management among many others. The programme will be managed by mentors, drawn from the TYW membership, who will hold weekly mentorship sessions with the mentees.


The objectives of the Girls’ Mentorship Program are:

  1. Equip the girls with interpersonal skills to deal with life issues
  2. Encourage dialogue and trust among girls
  3. Nurture the spirit of sisterhood and leadership among young girls
  4. Increase their knowledge on FGM and other GBV related issues
  5. Train mentees to handle all mentorship activities in the name of TYW
  6. Provide mentees with skills they need in their day to day lives
  7. Create a network of vibrant young girls who have self-esteem, are assertive, have good communication skills and can make informed decisions

Expected Outcomes

  1. 60 students (girls) from 3 Junior Secondary Schools within Greater Banjul Area (GBA) in each batch, mentored on importance of personal hygiene, increased interpersonal skills, and equipped with life-skills and basic human rights knowledge especially on FGM
  2. Trained mentors will handle all future Mentorship programs in the name of TYW

Scope of the Consultancy

The duties and responsibilities of the consultant are as follows:

  1. To identify keys topic relevant to the program
  2. Design and produce a manual that will guide the facilitation of the mentorship program, highlighting the key topics of the program
  3. Provide and submit the final manual


  1. A mentorship manual designed to guide a team of at least five (5) mentors to in the program

Location of the assignment

The Gambia

Duration and timing

The consultancy is for a duration of 2 weeks, after which the manual would have been completed and submitted.


Interested individuals should submit a cover letter declaring interest in the consultancy, along with their CVs to or submit hardcopies at our office on the following address:

 1st Floor, Manjonka House
Jimpex Road (Opposite NEA)

For further information please call the following numbers:

(+220) 7500720
(+220) 3700205
(+220) 2662128


  1. All applications should be sent or submitted on or before the 17th June, 2016.

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